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Corona (Covid-19) And Body Pain | Body Pain Treatment Pune

Corona (Covid-19) And Body Pain


During this pandemic of the COVID 19, it has been observed that a significant number of the patients do suffer from severe body pain, joint pain, severe weakness in the body. Even after the recovery of the patient from the corona, few of them do suffer from myalgia that is whole body pain or pain in a particular part of the body including the joints. Even the chest pain, headaches are also seen. It hampers mobility and even it has an impact on the psychology of the patients. Post-recovery breathlessness or fatigue is observed in patients with severe disease or where there was a presence of pneumonia.

Possible etiology 

Now let’s come to the pain part. It could be ranging from mild to severe. The probable reason behind this pain could be the release of the inflammatory mediators in the body. This mediator causes various reactions leading to the pain in the muscles or the joints. Even we have observed that there is a direct or indirect impact of the COVID virus on the nervous system of the patients. The affection of the nervous system could also lead to pain which we call it neuropathic pain. Prolonged hospitalisations in a closed room or intensive care unit and separation from the family members may cause depression or some psychological disturbances. And all these changes can cause chronic pain during post COVID recovery.


The treatment of this post-COVID pain multi-model. In mild cases simple analgesics for a few days are sufficient. If pain is moderate to severe then steroids might be needed in tapering doses. Along with steroids if there is a neuropathic component to the pain then anti-neuropathic drugs are used. In a few patients, in spite of these therapies if the pain continues then systemic desensitization that is giving a drug through the Saline which breaks the pain cycle is needed. Along with these, is your therapy music therapy and psychological counseling with needed.

In short, depending on the status of the body ache pain management can be done and it has to be individualised to the need of the person.

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