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Spine Pain Treatment

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Spine Pain:

Spine pain is one of the most common reason for visiting a doctor. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, poor posture, irregular eating habits, and obesity are some of the causes of back pain. Spine pain or pain arising from the spine is one of the reasons of back pain, and when this pain goes down the leg, it is commonly referred to as “sciatica”.

100% Non-Surgical Treatments for Spine Pain:

The back is composed of various structures, including the skin, the subcutaneous tissue, muscles, ligaments, bones, joints, and the spinal cord. Your doctor has to examine you clinically, perform few maneuvers, and order few investigations which include X-rays or MRI scans. Once it is clear that pain is arising from the spine, and not from the myofascial structures, a definitive treatment plan can be formulated.

  1. Facetal Arthropathy: Facet joints are the joints between adjacent vertebrae. Inflammation at these joints is common in young back pain patients, especially athletes or sports persons. Pain is aggravated on backward bending or twisting movements. X-ray guided injection into or around the affected joint gives excellent relief.
  2. Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc: Age related degeneration leads to prolapse of the disc and compression of the adjacent nerve root. Pain is common in the midline, radiating down the limb. Pain is aggravated on forward bending. Epidural injection and/or selective nerve root block gives good relief.
  3. Sacroilitis: Inflammation of the joint between the spine and the pelvis (sacroiliac joint). Common in young adults, sedentary lifestyle. Pain is aggravated on turning sides in bed. It is maximum in the morning and is associated with stiffness. Injection of the joint under X-ray imaging gives relief from symptoms.

Spine pain is mainly caused due to the above reasons. Other causes like fracture, collapse, metastases can also lead to spine pain. Common causes of back pain are however mainly myofascial including muscle sprain, ligament strain, and trigger points.

A thorough clinical examination and appropriate imaging can help pin-point diagnosis, thus guiding the way forward for the best possible management.

Post Spine Surgery Pain Management at Painex:

Postoperative pain after spine surgery if in small amount is normal but if it is beyond the tolerable condition that should be treated accurately and completely. Severe postoperative pain impairs the quality of recovery and causes emotional distress with the possibility of inducing chronic pain and lasting functional deficits. At Painex, we use interventional techniques for the management of Post spine surgery pain. We have team of best spine specialists in Pune who provides personalised care to each patient. For post spine surgery pain management pain specialists may use the following techniques to reduce pain: 

  • Opioids
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Other Analgesic Drugs
  • Central Neuraxial Technique

Why Choose Painex for Spine Pain or Back Pain ?

Painex Pain Management Clinic offers the unique facility of Pain Relief at your doorstep!! Our Spine Specialists in Pune provide home visits for patients in extreme pain or those who have a limitation to travel. Painex pain management clinic offers highly specialised, non-surgical techniques for treating all type of spine pain including lower back pain, sciatica, herniated disc or slipped disc.

Living with spine pain is challenging. Our doctors are one of the very few spine specialist doctor in Pune who have completed intense training in the field of pain management. They are highly dedicated to helping restore patient’s lives.

At Painex, after a consultation with our pain specialist and a detailed evaluation, we try to get to know the exact cause of your pain, we locate your pain generator. An appropriate treatment plan will then be formulated, customised to your problem. Pain Treatment could be in the form of medication, lifestyle changes, physical therapy, outpatient procedures or interventional day care procedures. These Procedures are performed under X-ray or CT guidance by highly specialised pain doctors.

About Painex:

  • 21000+ Happy Patients & Avoided 9000+ Surgeries.
  • Back to Work in 48 Hours.
  • Treated More than 21000+ Patients Suffering from Various Spine & Other Pain Related Problems
  • 100% Non-Surgical (Minimally Invasive), Most-Advanced, Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Options Available.
  • 25+ Years Of Experience in the field of “Pain Management”
  • Team Of Super Specialist Pain Doctors
  • Treatments Covered Under Insurance
  • Customised Treatment Plans based on the Pain Condition.
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