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Nerve block treatment in Pune

Nerve Pain & Its Treatment

About Nerve Pain or Neuralgia:

Nerve related pain is also called Neuralgia. Usually, any other cause for pain is not
found then we think of nerve-related pain. The typical characteristic of this pain is
burning, stabbing, pinprick, or tingling sensation in the affected area. Most of our
patients complain of pain ranging from a specific area to the whole body. This pain
either could be due to over-sensitivity of the nerves  or any specific disease-related
example herpetic Neuralgia. Even a few of our patients a labeled as if the pain is in their
head, or they are pretending or even psychiatric reference is being done.

Causes of Nerve Pain / Neuralgia:

When the sensitivity of the nerves increases or if the patient suffers from any pain for a
longer duration of time then the pain handling capacity of the body becomes weak
which ultimately results into pain and depression.
Various causes are as follows:

  • Infection
  • Compression or pressure on the nerves
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Kidney problem related affection of the nerve
  • Neuropathy due to the drugs
  • Genitofemoral neuralgia causing pain in testis for a longer duration
  • Cancer affecting the nerves

Non Surgical Nerve Pain Treatment / Neuralgia Treatment in Pune (at Painex Clinic):

The treatment is primarily aimed at Treating the underlying disease if present or

Medication:The drugs or the medicines that are used to decrease the sensitivity of the nerve and increase the capacity
of the body to handle the pain.
Radio frequency ablation: The radio frequency ablation of the concerned nerve is done which helps in long
term pain relief
Neurolysis: alcohol or phenol neurolysis is used in pain related to the cancer


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