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Back Pain Treatment In Pune

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Why Does My back Hurt?

Owing to the upright posture of humans, back pain is one of the most common reasons for visiting a doctor. In fact, degeneration of the spine is one of the normal effects of ageing. There are various structures in your back that could be painful, which include
  • Muscles
  • Ligaments
  • Disc
  • Nerves
  • Bones
  • Joints

Back Pain Treatment Pune | Painex

How Can I Manage My Back Pain at Home?

Back Pain lasting for less than a couple of months, pain that gets relieved on rest, pain not associated with tingling, numbness or weakness of any part and pain not affecting day to day activities can be managed at home by simple measures
  • Core strengthening: Contrary to popular belief, the core is not only the abdomen muscles. It involves back muscles as well. It is basically the central part of your body. Exercising regularly to maintain core strength is a great way to prevent back pain. A flat tummy is the added advantage!
  • Maintaining mobility of the spine: Sedentary lifestyle leads to maintaining a fixed position of the back for prolonged periods. Also hamstrings and neck muscles go into spasm. All this leads to change in dynamics of spine motion, stiffness of the joints and muscles, ultimately aggravating back pain. Doing simple stretching and twisting movements every hour and getting up and walking about, along with forward and backward bending will take less than a minute of your time, but will go a long way in reducing stiffness.
  • Never ever exercise without a proper warmup- I see several cases of gym injuries leading to back pain. The idea behind warm up is, prior to starting exercise, our muscles are idle, and have accumulated lot of water. Also the muscles and joints are stiff. If we start exercising directly, these muscles and joints are more prone for injury which could lead to complications.
  • Lifting weights: avoid lifting weights more than 10% of your body weight if you already are suffering from back pain. Also if weight has to be lifted from the ground/from low height, always bend your knees and thrust your hips out while lifting. This off loads the back and you can prevent injuries.
  • The ideal mattress should be firm. it is true that very soft mattresses can aggravate back pain, as the back doesn’t receive any support if the mattress is too soft. However, sleeping directly on the ground is also not advisable as the spine curvature cannot be maintained if mattress is too hard.
  • Pain killers should be taken cautiously, as long term use of pain killers could lead to side effects on kidneys, blood clotting etc. Also the root cause of pain should be detected and tackled rather than just suppressing the symptoms.
  • Obesity and back pain: increased weight leads to pressure on the spine and aggravates back pain. Losing just 10% of your body weight will help reduce back pain drastically. However, crash diets or vigorous exercises are not recommended. Weight loss should be gradual and healthy.
  • Pregnancy and back pain: This is a very common problem, back pain during and after pregnancy, after Caesarean section, and it is a huge topic on its own.
Regular mobility in form of back exercises, yoga, Pilates, whichever form is suitable for you is a must in order to maintain spine health.
Any tingling, numbness, loss of control on urine/motion needs urgent referral to a doctor.

100% Non-Surgical Back Pain Treatment Options at Painex

  • Pain Medication Or Pharmacotherapy: your doctor will prescribe medicines that relieve pain by relieving inflammation and relaxing the muscles. Also medicines that help in reducing nerve irritation may be prescribed. Over the counter pain killers should be avoided for more than 2 weeks at a stretch.
  • Epidural injections: For “slipped disc “ your doctor may advise an epidural injection.
  • Radio Frequency Ablation: For pain related to the joints between the vertebrae, a technique called radio frequency ablation helps in reducing transmission of pain signals
  • Root Blocks: If nerves are getting irritated/ compressed by the prolapsed disc, an injection at the root of the nerve helps in reducing the pain.
  • Physiotherapy / Ergonomics / Posture Correction
  • Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)/ Dry Needling: For chronic back muscle stiffness/spasm mechanical stimulation of back muscles to release the spasm works wonders in relieving the pain.

Why Choose Painex?

  • Avoided 9000+ Spine Related Surgeries.
  • Treated More than 21000+ Patients Suffering from Various Spine & Other Pain Related Problems
  • 100% Non-Surgical (Minimally Invasive), Most-Advanced, Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Options Available.
  • Back to work in 48 Hrs.
  • 25+ Years Of Experience in the field of “Pain Management”
  • Team Of Super Specialist Pain Doctors
  • Treatments Covered Under Insurance
  • Customised Treatment Plans based on the Pain Condition.

Chronic Back Pain is not a normal accompaniment of the ageing process. Having a healthy and Pain Free Back is your right! 

For your Back Pain Treatment, Please consult with our Back Pain Specialist Doctors today. Click here to Book an Appointment. Or you can directly call us: 083904 42266.

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    Dr Prajendra Choudhary

    Tried calling you few times. If you wish WhatsApp me. You hot my number

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      Sir, Thank you for reaching out to us. Please request you to provide your number. Thank you.

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    Suffering from back pain due to gym injury. Can you pls help ?

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      Hello Nishank, Thank you reaching out to us. Please provide your mobile number so that we can reach out to you or Call Us on 08390442266. Please note that we do offer Non-Surgical Interventional daycare procedure for Back Pain/Slipped Disc/Sciatica (covered under insurance) But we would like to assess you physically. Thank you.

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    Sujit Kawade

    Sir/Madam, I have been suffering from Back Pain / Sciatica for the last 3 years now. I have taken medicines and have been advised for Surgery. I do not want to go through Surgery. Please advise. Also, please let me know if your procedures are covered under Insurance?

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      Thank you for reaching out to us. We will definitely help you. Please request you to share your number or contact us on 08390442266 and take our pain doctors appointment. Thank you.

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        Are you giving steroids to relief pain?

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          Painex Pain Management Clinic (Admin)

          Hello. Yes & No. Not every treatment option deals with Steroids. We do have multiple treatments like RFA, Ozone Therapy, PRP etc, that does not need any chemical or steroid. For one of the treatments, Steroids are part of the injectate, however it is a very small dose, single shot, & power form which stays at the site of action, not reaching rest of the body, and causing any side effects. Please request you to take an appointment with our pain specialist so that they can guide you or explain in detail. You can call / WhatsApp us on 8390442266. Thanks.

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    Anil Kulkarni

    Hello Doctor

    I am 56 yrs old ( from Pune Kothrud ). I am suffering from Sciatica for the last 4 5 yrs. Cant even walk or bend. I have MRI with me. Can you tell me what are the non surgical treatment options available and the cost pls

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    My mother is suffering from Sciatica Nerve Pain. We do have latest MRI also. We have been advised surgery by spine surgeons. I read your post about the Sciatica non surgical treatment options. But are they safe? please respond so that we can visit your clinic and go ahead with the treatments. Thank you.

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      Hello Sir,

      Thank you reaching out to us. Please provide your mobile number so that we can reach out to you or Call Us on 08390442266. Please note that we do offer multiple Non-Surgical Interventional daycare procedure for Back Pain/Slipped Disc/Sciatica (Most of them are covered under Medical Insurance) But we would like to assess you physically so that we provide you best possible treatment option with cost. Please note that these Intervetional Procedures (100% Non-Surgical) are completely safe as they are performed by super specialist pain physician under Xray/MRI/CT guided. Hope we could answer your question. If you have any doubt, Please reach out to us on 08390442266. Thank you.

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    Roshan Singh

    Hello Doctor.

    Suffering from gym injury ( back n hip ). Can you please suggest some pain killers so that i can get some quick relief. I am not able to walk.

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      Rucha Sathe


      I have back pain with leg pain. Cant even get up easily sometimes ( especially morning ). Its getting severe day by day. How can i get help From you.

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    Keshav Nangardhare

    Madam, mala chronic sciatica ahe. Tumacha video pahila. Adhesiolysis chi kay cost ahe ? Ani treatment daycare ahe ka ? Insurance madhye cost cover hote ka ? Pls kalava.

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    Rajesh Sabale

    Sir, i have verterbral fracture. i am sending you my reports on your number. pls revert thanks.

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    Namaskar, majhe vay 60 varsha ahe. mala OA ahe ani severe back pain pan ahe gele 8 varsha. kay karava lagel.

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    Raju Mahajane

    What is the treatment for slipped disc ? L4 L5 3 mm.

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