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Testicular Pain Treatment at Painex

Testicular Pain Treatment

Chronic Testicular Pain

Chronic testicular pain is one of the most annoying, disturbing and depressing symptoms. When pain in the testicles persists for more than 1-3 months, it is labelled as chronic.

Various causes for chronic testicular pain:

Varicocele (enlargement of blood vessels around the testes)
Post-surgery pain
Neuropathic / nerve related pain
Pain due to cancer
Pain due to kidney stones
Non specific causes

Diagnosis: Diagnosis of chronic testicular pain is done mainly by clinical examination , ultrasonography and if required MRI of the testis and abdomen
Most of the time, when patients visit us, the investigations are already done, and do not reveal any abnormality. Sometimes, mild varicocele may be present, but in spite of treatment the pain persists
Most commonly, this type of chronic pain is nerve related

Initially, drugs which decrease the sensitivity of the nerves are given. As these drugs works on the nervous system at various levels, it takes approximately two to three weeks for the onset of action
If pain does not decrease then we need to give local anaesthetic injections around the affected nerve, under ultrasonography guidance. If the pain decreases, neuropathic component of pain is confirmed. Most of the time addition of a small dose of steroid decreases the inflammation around the nerve, and pain subsides
If pain does not respond to this treatment, radiofrequency ablation or DRG ablation of L2 root might be required in a minority
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