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neck pain treatment in Pune

Non-surgical Neck Pain Treatment

Neck and shoulder pains have become extremely common as a result of lack of exercise, use of mobile phones, computers and a stressful lifestyle. Neck pain is a result of staring down or staying hunched over an activity for too long. Neck pain could be irritating in milder cases or severely disabling, interfering with sleep at night and daily activities.

The causes for neck pain could range from

  1. Cervical Disc prolapse with a muscle spasm
  2. Irritation of facet joint with muscle spasm or frank arthritis of facet joints in older people
  3. Non-specific neck pain: A common cause of neck pain is muscle strain tension. Most often, everyday activities are to be blamed for nonspecific neck pain like Bending over a desk for hours, having poor posture while watching TV or reading, Having your computer monitor positioned too high or too low, sleeping in an uncomfortable position, Twisting and turning your neck suddenly while exercising, Lifting things too quickly or with poor posture, Deficiency of vitamin D.

Non-Surgical Neck Pain Treatment:

The treatment of any chronic pain is multimodal. No single medicine or injection can cure it in one go. It requires consideration of multiple factors at the same time. The treatment of neck pain consists of:

Correction of vitamin deficiencies

Medicines like muscle relaxant, pain killers, nerve modulators. Medicines work very well for acute neck pain but chronic pains (>3 months) tend to come back once the medications are stopped. But fortunately we have many other solutions apart from medications which give long term relief of pain.

Posture correction


This is very useful if the problem is of a mild and temporary nature. But where the problem is moderate to severe or is recurrent, physiotherapy alone cannot help.

Trigger injections:

These are the injections given to relieve the muscle spasm. They are given with or without steroids.

Ultrasound guided dry needling of neck, shoulder and upper extremity.

Muscles are final common expressors of any pain. Muscle spasm is relieved by ultrasound-guided dry needling which is the safe procedure if done in expert hands. It can be repeated any number of times without any harm.

Epidural injection: these injections are necessary when disc is causing pressure on nerves which leads to pain along the shoulder or hands

Facet joint injections: these injections are necessary when joints have become arthritic.

RF (radiofrequency ablation of nerves to facets):

This procedure involves heating up the nerve to 70-90 degree C with specialized needle. This blocks the pain travelling along that nerve.

These procedures are performed individually or in combination depending on the pain generator.

Chronic neck pain can affect your work, social life, personal relations, hobbies and interests. This sets in anxiety and depression. The longer it continues the harder it will be for you to recover your movement , activities and confidence. Contact our neck pain specialist and get 100% non-surgical neck pain treatment at an affordable cost.

Why choose Painex for Neck Pain Treatment in Pune?

Painex Clinic is a renowned name in Non-surgical Neck Pain Treatment in Pune. At Painex, after a consultation with our pain specialist and detailed evaluation, we try to get to know the exact cause of your neck pain, we locate your pain generator. An appropriate treatment plan will then be formulated, customized to your problem. Pain Treatment could be in the form of medication, lifestyle changes, physical therapy, outpatient procedures or interventional day care procedures. Procedures are performed under X-ray or CT guidance by highly specialized pain doctors.

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